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Announcing the dynamic Ms Yvonne Adele

Announcing MC for Gala Event and more

Your Judging Panel - Dr Charlie Day

Dr Charlie Day is Project Director for The Carlton Connect Initiative at the University of Melbourne, a Judge and Mentor for the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards.

Your Judging Panel - Prof Antony Jacobson

Professor Antony Jacobson is La Trobe University's Professor of Practice - Entrepreneurship

Your Judging Panel - Alastair Pryor

Alastair Pryor won the Victorian Government 2015 Young Achiever Award for Innovation, is a Judge and Mentor for the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards.

Your Judging Panel - Dr Leonie Walsh

Dr Leonie Walsh hails from Mildura and has just completed a three year tenure as Victoria's chief scientist and a judge for The Australian Financial Review - 100 Women of Influence Awards

Your Judging Panel - Roger La Salle

Roger La Salle international author, expert and TED X speaker on Innovation

Your Judging Panel - Dr John Cooke

Dr John Cooke was awarded of the Degree of Doctor of Science (honorary) from La Trobe University in recognition of his contribution in the fields of natural resource management and community service achievements.

Your Judging Panel - Dean Freeman

Mr Dean Freeman a Tradestart Advisor with Australian Industry Group and judge on Governor of Victoria Export Awards 2016. 

Your Judging Panel - Mr Peter Gretton

Mr Peter Gretton has a particular passion for assisting clients in regional areas, where specialist IP services are often not readily accessible. 

What does #Gramos say to local farmers

Start talking to each other about ideas and innovate, is the advice from local supporter of Innovation on Farm in the region.  Gramos is a local bloke, working in the wine industry who is also passionate about Innovation and Farming in the region.

Multi million dollar marketing industry - hungry for experts

What is the one certainty that we all face in the market place today?  Big Data is King!

Your Judging Panel - Ms Lois Hunt

Ms Lois Hunt is a highly experienced business advisor and business operator previously who sat on the Small Business Council of Australia  and Judge for the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards.

Opportunities are everywhere - INNOVATORS TAKE ACTION

Regional Australia Institute is looking for Online Heroes.  That means YOU!

The Finalists are announced

The following 25 teams and individuals make up the finalists for the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards across nine categories.  Join us in congratulating these Everyday Innovators on their efforts and success.

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