2016 Winners

Winners of the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards

Lever Award Innovative Process - Medium - Large Business

Sponsored by: AVIS Mildura

Country Care Group for their Innovation
Technological advancement for enhanced customer experience: (On-line APP)

Country Care Group is a family owned and operated company, employing over 100 staff, with more than 80 showrooms nationally.

Country Care Group identified a market opportunity in the delivery of healthcare equipment and developed a process that ensured efficient national delivery of large volumes of quality, cost effective equipment to the disability and aged care sector.

Investing over $2.2million in research and technology, Country Care Group was first to market with its leading IT solutions, providing a single order point for payment and equipment enquiries, with full reporting, maximizing efficiency and accuracy. The app was developed with the end user in mind.

The benefits of the technology include; 100% invoicing accuracy; ability to process and deliver over 1200 items daily and an order processing time of 2hrs.

Bowring Award Innovative Process - Not-for-profit

Sponsored by: CVGT

POSHU – Projects of Self Help Uganda for their Innovative process of POSHU - A Value Based Model for Community Development

In 2008 Susan Howe a Mildura woman, utilising her skills teaching migrants English set up classes in villages in Uganda for Women's Literacy both in English and their own languages to women who had either lost their husbands or who were caring for relatives with AIDS. These women were from communities who have had both their physical and social infrastructure seriously degraded through a series of rebellions, tribal disputes, disease outbreaks and the resulting environmental destruction over the past 25 years.

This was the catalyst for the development of an innovative ‘value based’ model for community development focused on empowering women to utilise their existing knowledge to improve outcomes in the village. This model has addressed the needs of 25 villages in education and health, improving the social, economic and environmental outcomes. 

Kolios Award Innovative Process - Small Business

Sponsored by: Lower Murray Water

Sunraysia Cellar Door for their innovative process of 22 Local Wine Producers under the one Roof

Sunraysia Cellar Door is an old Funeral Home which has been successfully converted into a Central Wine Hub within Mildura's CBD presenting 22 local wine producers from the Murray Darling region of Australia and showcasing over 250 of their best wines all under the one roof. A great experience for the wine enthusiast.

Sunraysia Cellar Door is the only cellar Door of its kind located in Inland Australia; where 70% of Australia’s wine production originates. They saw an opportunity to showcase and offer maximum exposure to the local wineries, the majority of which do not operate a cellar door.
Sunraysia Cellar Door has received unlimited support from the wineries and working together efficiently takes away the financial cost of running a cellar door 7days a week for the producer.

Sunraysia Cellar Door is walking distance from most accommodation places and the CBD being mindful of (drink) driving and or parking proving to be cost effective and time efficient for visitors and locals as it eliminates traveling time out to the various wineries.

Greg Christensen, owner operator of Sunraysia Cellar Door is the winner of the Process Merit Award.

Greg Christensen, Sunraysia Cellar Door was identified by the Judges as the most deserving of the mentoring package awarded with the Process Merit Award.  Greg will be introduced to three mentors, Al Pryor, Shaun Coulton and Geoff Dea in the new year to further assist Greg in developing his innovative small business process.

Hill Award Innovative Product – Commercial

Sponsored by: Olam

Global Rotomoulding for their innovative product Booth Transport Tool Box

Global Rotomoulding developed a tool box to meet specific needs of a client who has identified an ongoing problem with rust from corrosive products being transported and the pump used to transfer the product, causing damage to the truck trays.  Booth Tool box is designed with integrated handles, protex over centre catch with a variety of configuration for installation is high impact, non-corrosive and easy to clean.

Lascelles Award Innovative Product – Community

Sponsored by: Sunraysia Daily

Gol Gol Public School Girls Team for their innovation Messing With The Murray Mobile App

Messing With The Murray Mobile App - Local primary school girls getting together to raise awareness of the importance of the health of our Murray River. The girls in a technology team at Gol Gol Public School recognised that many people are not informed with what is going on with the Murray so they created a mobile for the public to receive immediate access to information about the current dangers such as the toxic algae and when it is not safe to enter the water.  Delivering not just warnings, the app provides advice on how to maintain the health of the river such as information about jet skis disrupting the environment and even golf balls killing local fish. 

Their teacher Mrs Lee says that the tech program has taught the girls valuable lessons such as leadership, authority, and determination and also to inspire other kids that you don't have to be an adult to make an impact or be an innovative thinker. You just must have the willpower to get your voice heard.

McKay Award Innovative Product - Business model

Sponsored by: Cookes Pools and Spas

AquaBotanical Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd for their innovation Aquabotanical Water, new source of water from fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables naturally contain a lot of water. At AquaBotanical, they found a way to harvest it from the freshest Australian produce at the same time as juice concentrate is made.

Utilising every available drop of water contained in fruit and vegetables, they are proudly creating a new sustainable source-world’s first BOTANICAL WATER!

Thanks to its clean subtle, silky mouthfeel without the salty, acidic aftertaste of many other mineral waters, AquaBotanical complements wine and gourmet food. That’s why it’s perfect for pairing with fine food and wine!

It’s an award winning Australian invention grown and made in Mildura! Globally, this patented technology is easily and cheaply adoptable to existing juice concentrating facilities, giving them capacity to produce many billions of litres of AquaBotanical water annually.

This technology introduces a significant new global water source and a means of reducing environmental impact caused by existing juicing facilities.

Dr Bruce Kambouris owner and inventor of AquaBotanical Water is the winner of the Product Merit Award.

Dr Bruce Kambouris, AquaBotanical Water captured the imagination of the judges who felt out of the Product Category Award winners, Bruce was the most deserving of the mentoring package awarded with the Product Merit Award. 
Bruce will be introduced to three mentors, Prof Antony Jacobson, Mark Haynes and Andrew Cornell in the new year to further assist in developing his innovative small business model further towards a global success.

Fisher Award Innovative Person – Business

Sponsored by: Tasco Petroleum

Howard Ferry, Global Rotomoulding

Small beginnings for an Industry leader in innovation. 

Howard Ferry is a Director, in charge of Product Development for Global Rotomoulding, which manufactures anything plastic in creative and innovative ways.

Howard has a comprehensive knowledge of both the farming and roto moulding industries. His quiet, unassuming manner allows him to listen and work closely with clients to problem solve and bring a concept through to complete product realisation. His collaborative approach, industry knowledge and informative manner have earned him the reputation of being creative and innovative. Howard has the ability to work with clients to solve problems and offer competitive solutions whatever the project. Design is critical and where necessary, innovation, to manufacture to the client’s specifications and requirements.

His persistent manner allows him to work with clients on both small and large projects which may take months or years from concept, design to mould manufacture, product testing and verification to product manufacturing.

Kaye Gambetta Award Innovative Person – Community

Sponsored by: Mallee Family Care

Vee Romanillos Ambition Society

Vee Romanillos created Ambition Society – inspired by the youth and for the youth.  With a lived experience of homelessness, domestic violence as well as celebrity and fame through a successful career in the entertainment business as a rap artist, Vee shifted gears and town to return to his hometown over a year ago, driven by our high youth suicide rates, with the aim of generating hope and connection through regular Underage events. Visiting Melbourne artists and local talent, inspire local youth to continue writing, dancing, producing and filming. These connections have led to one talented local taking on the Melbourne music scene. Isolation need not prevent our youth from following their dreams and this can be done in a safe environment.

Paaka Kunpu Award - Innovative Person - Young Innovator

Sponsored by: MDAS

Rohan Wass, Magenta Business Solutions

A strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial business owner with a proven ability to develop and manage teams, at 27 years old, Rohan Wass now has offices in Mildura, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Philippines currently hiring over 140 staff.

Over the past 3 years Rohan has established an accounting and business process offshoring firm, which specialises in implementing the latest technologies and where necessary staff into business processes to improve efficiency, giving Australian businesses access to highly skilled international labour.

With the ability to identify opportunities, connect the appropriate people/services together, Rohan surrounds himself with a team to compliment his weaknesses and uses a strong lateral thinking skill set to find creative solutions.

Rohan Wass, Magenta Business Solutions is the winner of the People Merit Award

Selected from the three innovative People Award winners, Rohan Wass was selected by the Judges to benefit from the Merit Award. Rohan, already a fan of mentoring is keen to extend his network in the new year when he meets three new mentors, Dr Charlie Day, Florence Davidson and Yvonne Adele.

2016 ANZ Innovator of the Year

Howard Ferry, Global Rotomoulding

Howard Ferry identified by the panel of 9 Judges as the 2016 ANZ Innovator of the Year.  Howard was chosen from all the Innovators represented in over 60 entries into the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards.  Howard and his niece Larrissa Ferry who works in the Queensland office of Rotoglobal moulding, also will be invited for a mentoring visit with the CPA executive team headed up by Alex Malley, Chief Executive of CPA Australia and author of the best-selling career development book The Naked CEO, has over 20 years’ experience mentoring professionals from a broad-range of levels and industries. Howard and Larissa will be engaged in a challenging, informative and valuable one-on-one mentoring session with Alex at CPA Australia’s head office in Melbourne.

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